1. Hardware & Network

zootzone.com manages its own cluster of geographically distributed virtual private servers (VPS) on Linode.com's infrastructure, in both the USA and UK. Linode.com promises a hardware and network uptime of 99.9%. From time to time, Linode.com performs physical hardware and software updates on their infrastructure. zootzone.com endeavours to minimise the impact of scheduled downtime of this nature, by migrating virtual servers in advance, away from physical hardware which is scheduled for extended downtime periods.

Linode.com's terms of service are available at the link below.


2. Operating System & Internet Server Software Stack

zootzone.com guarantees a 99.9% uptime guarantee for the layer of the infrastructure which it has control over. This layer covers the uptime of its VPS servers' operating systems and its core domain (DNS), email, web and database hosting services.

3. Combined Uptime

The combined uptime of items (1) and (2) yields a final aggregate uptime guarantee of 99.8%.

Should this aggregate downtime exceed 0.2% over any subscription period, affected customers may request a pro-rated credit matching the downtime.

4. Uptime Monitoring

NodePing.com is zootzone.com's external, independent monitoring service provider. The statistics published by their service is a reasonably accurate representation of service availability, given that our servers are monitored by theirs from multiple global locations. The term 'reasonable' is used in this context, because no single entity is able to monitor the accessibility, or performance of an on-line service from any point on the Internet.


5. Exclusions

Down-time caused by software or network connectivity controlled by the customer (or their 3rd party providers and representatives) is not covered in the above, including:

5.1 Website application-level issues

Customers' own web application downtime due to software bugs, or over-use of subscription limited resources (disk, memory & traffic) is not included within the above uptime guarantee.

5.2 External network outages

Access to Internet services on any remote system may be affected by network issues on routers, cables and other infrastructure in between the consumer of the service and the provider.

In order to help zootzone.com and its customers review the network side of downtime complexities, we have made various of our external monitoring providers' statistics available to customers, as per item (4) above, namely:


5.3 Software used to access hosted services

Neither Linode.com, nor zootzone.com are responsible for accessibility issues related to applications external to their scope of responsibility. This includes software used to access customer DNS, email and web hosting services.

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