New Subscriptions

Fees for new subscriptions are payable up-front, prior to service provisioning.

New annual subscriptions are pro-rated up to the end of the previous month, of the following year.

All subscription fees are due by midnight (GMT timezone) on the last day of the month, after which they will be flagged as overdue.

Subscription Changes

Fees for additional services are payable up-front, prior to service provisioning.

Additions to annual subscriptions are pro-rated up to the end of the current subscription period.

Domain Renewals

Domain registrations are billed separately from subscriptions. Renewal fees are due before their respective expiry dates.

Depending on the domain extension, registration recovery fees may apply, which vary according to how many days have passed, since the domain expired.

Email Notifications

Subscribers are notified on the 21st of every month for their subscription renewals due by the 1st of the next month.

Overdue fee reminders are sent on the 1st and 7th day of the month.

Customers are responsible for paying their accounts on time, irrespective of whether they receive email notifications, or not. Customers have secure 24 hour access to their customer accounts via the website.

Service Suspension & Restoration

Services overdue beyond 7 days will be disabled.

Restoring disabled services and their corresponding data, which are beyond 7 days overdue, will attract a R500 admin fee.

Services overdue beyond 14 days, will be permanently deleted, along with any corresponding data.

Methods of Payment

Customers may either pay using a credit card, processed by PayFast, or via electronic funds transfer, referencing their customer code.

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