Although zootzone.com shall use reasonable endeavours to provide disaster recovery, zootzone.com does not specify any recovery time, nor shall zootzone.com be liable for any loss or damage of whatever nature incurred or suffered by the Subscriber from any cause whatsoever as a result of zootzone.com's failure to provide, or delay in providing, or providing only partial, disaster recovery.

zootzone.com shall use all reasonable endeavours to provide the Services at all times, however, the Subscriber agrees that the Subscriber and any other person or entity whomsoever shall have no claim against zootzone.com and the Subscriber hereby indemnifies and holds zootzone.com free from liability in respect of any loss or damage caused by or arising from any fact or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of zootzone.com. zootzone.com assumes no responsibility for the failure of any email delivery or the loss of any email, and zootzone.com does not retain copies of any emails once they have been sent or retrieved by the Subscriber.

zootzone.com reserves the right to take whatever action it deems necessary at any time to preserve the security and reliable operation of the zootzone.com network and the Subscriber undertakes not to do or permit anything to be done which will compromise the security of the zootzone.com network.

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