Domain name registration

A domain name is similar to your last name, or company name and forms an umbrella under which your Internet services are grouped.

Domain name registration involves registering the rights to use a domain name on the Internet. Different domains are controlled by different governing bodies called Registrars. We will deal with those Registrars on your behalf.

In order to host a website, or email with us, you will need to register a domain name, or have a domain name already registered under your name, or your company's name, such as example.com

Internet hosting

zootzone.com offers the following hosted services

  • Domain Name System (DNS) Hosting
  • Web hosting (requires a registered domain & DNS hosting)
  • Database hosting (often required by complex websites)
  • Email hosting (requires a registered domain & DNS hosting)

All of these services may be controlled individually by different service providers; this is not uncommon. However, many people use a single provider to handle all their Internet service requirements to keep things simple.

DNS hosting

Your domain name will also have to have DNS hosting, which are the directory servers for domains - something like the telephone book, where computer systems are able to figure out which computers (servers) host which services linked to your domain, such as your website, or email.

Web hosting

When someone types your website into their web browser, like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer, your Internet service provider's servers will query the DNS system to find out which computer (web server) hosts your website. Your web browser will then fetch the current web page from the correct web server and display it for you.

You, or the person/company developing your website, will have secure access to the zootzone.com servers upon which your website is setup, in order to upload the content.

Email hosting

When someone sends you an email through their Internet service provider (ISP), their ISP's servers query the DNS system to find out which computers (mail servers) handle your domain's email and proceed to deliver the email there.

When you setup your computer, phone, or tablet computer to read email, those devices will be configured to use zootzone.com's mail servers to send and receive mail sent from/to users' mailboxes setup under your domain, such as you@example.com.

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